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New and Featured Books for 07/18/2012:

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Come and check out these and some of the other new books and materials (or at least new to us) added to our library collection…


Back Fire by Catherine Coulter

Close Your Eyes by Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen

Narcopolis by Jeet Thayil

The Avengers: X-Sanction by Jeph Loeb and illustrated by Ed McGuinness

Batman – The Dark Knight: Golden Dawn, written and illustrated by David Finch (with Grant Morrison)

Batman: Noel by Lee Bermejo

Batman And Robin, vol. 1: Born To Kill by Peter J. Tomasi and illustrated by Patrick Gleason

Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel

Bring Up The Bodies by Hilary Mantel


Venus On Fire, Mars On Ice: Hormonal Balance – The Key To Life, Love, And Energy by John Gray

Satch, Dizzy & Rapid Robert: The Wild Saga Of Interracial Baseball Before Jackie Robinson by Timothy M. Gay

The Complete Idiot’s Guide To American History by Alan Axelrod

My Next Phase: The Personality-Based Guide To Your Best Retirement by Eric Sundstrom, Randy Burnham, and Michael Burnham

How To Get Your Cat To Do What You Want by Warren Eckstein and Fay Eckstein

Prague Winter: A Personal Story Of Remembrance And War, 1937 – 1948 by Madeleine Albright

End This Depression Now! by Paul Krugman

It Worked For Me: In Life And Leadership by Colin Powell with Tony Koltz

Service: A Navy SEAL At War by Marcus Luttrell with James D. Hornfischer

Manhunt: The Ten Year Search For Bin Laden From 9/11 To Abbottabad by Peter L. Bergen

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Please note that books mentioned here could be checked out between the time they end up on the blog and when you come to check them out. If you don’t see the items you’re looking for then please come up to the front desk, OR call us, OR send us an email at and  we’ll put your name on the reserve list for when the item returns.

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Reading material for 04/02/12:

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Next week at the Library…

Some reading material from around the internet:

The history of the word “Dude.”

Gallagher suffers a heart attack, retires from performing.

The battle over a missing Monet.

Fashion Week in China.

Robot Monkey kickstarter.

Burker King’s new menu looks very familiar.

The world’s tallest treehouse.

The #Occupy movement is getting a lot less visible.

by Rebecca Cobb, from here.

A list of literary heroines.

10 famous authors who made unlikely genre jumps.

Ideas to save libraries.

A new reader and an old reader discuss the books behind Game Of Thrones.

Iain M. Banks on his writing process.

When Ernest Hemingway killed his cat.

Charlie Kaufman is writing his first novel.

Are book covers different for male authors and female authors?

from here.

Everything the Hunger Games movie left out.

Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs?

Kenneth Branagh will possibly be directing the next Jack Ryan movie.

I, Claudius is finally out on DVD.

The trailer for Safety Not Guaranteed, the movie based on an internet meme.

What’s really happening when Mad Men characters sing.

The trailer for The Newsroom, Aaron Sorkin’s new HBO show.

How much would a black hole hurt the Earth?

The 1940s Census records have been released.

The benefits of being bilingual.

Pink Slime economics.

Bruce Sterling on the New Aesthetic.

Would you implant a microchip in a child?


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