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You Belong @ Your Library, part two.

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It’s Friday the 13th!

And it’s also the end of National Library Week.

We really want to thank everybody who stopped by this past week and celebrated it with us.

You Belong @ Your Library!

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Just a reminder: National Library Week starts today!

Tonight we’ll be doing a Nighttime Story Time, starting at 6:30 PM, and we’ll be reading Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown, which is a classic, and one of our all time favorites.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, is also Library Worker Appreciation Day.You don’t have to give us a hug or say anything to us, but if you wanted to… Well, it would definitely be appreciated. Especially tomorrow. But it’s equally important for us that you know how much we appreciate you.

…which is part of why we’ll be holding an Open House on Wednesday from 11 AM to 1 PM, and we’ll have munchies and goodies laid out. This is just one of the ways we hope to thank you for your continued patronage and support, and we’d love to have you stop by and tell us how we can be of service to you.

On Wednesday, during our Open House, we’re very privileged to have Mr. Charles Woodward who will be here on behalf of NASA and the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, to display severalĀ samples of Lunar and Meteorite material.

It’s not totally accurate, but I’ve been joyously exclaiming, “Moon rocks!” since I heard this was happening.

We could not be more excited about this presentation, and it’ll really be something special for lovers of NASA, space exploration, the moon, andĀ fans of the Apollo missions. And, if nothing else, I guess we’ll all finally find out if its made of cheese, right?

And Thursday will be Support Teen Literature Day, and all about young adults and some of their favorite books which, believe it or not, are not all about sad vampires that sparkle and mope around.

We hope you’ll spend the week with us.

Next week is National Library Week.

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Next week is National Library Week and we hope that you’ll stop by to help us celebrate it.

On Monday we’ll be doing a Nighttime Story Time, which should be a lot of fun. We did one a few years ago, where we all read a bedtime story together. We were in pajamas and eating cookies and marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate. It was a lot of fun.

Tuesday will be National Library Worker’s Day. No pressure, but that would be a great day for you to stop and give us a hug and thank us for all our hard work, orrrrrrr it would be a good day for us to thank you for helping us to help you. Speaking of which…

We’ll be doing a Open House on Wednesday from 11 AM to 1 PM, so we hope we’ll see you then. We’ll have some munchies and goodies laid out, and we’d like to see you and hear from you about anything we can be doing better for you.

So we hope you have a nice weekend and we’ll see you next week.