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Our blog.

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Hi there. As the previous post said, Welcome! Thanks for checking out our new blog.

Bear with us as we slowly bring the blog to life. We should be fully up and running and alive and kicking in January but we wanted to sneak in at the end of this year and get a few posts out there. To dip our toe into the waters of the blogosphere, if you will.

Both this blog and our official website have been in the planning stages for months, but we don’t have to tell you how planning and implementing are two different things altogether. So give us a little time (and lots and lots of feedback, please) and we’ll get the hang of this.

Some of the desired goals of this blog are to make the library more accessible to you even when you’re not physically in the library, to let you hear from the staff, to inform you of programs and events of the library, to get more involved with what the library is doing if you so choose, to advertise some of the great new materials we hope to be offering you, and maybe even share with you a few anecdotes and items to read and check out from around the internet.

Long story short: Check back on us occasionally. We hope to have interesting things for you.

A small example: Before I could finally allow myself to click “Publish” on this post I had to agonize for quite a while about the start of the second paragraph to this post. Was it “Bare with” or “Bear with”? I asked a few people, and for every person who said “Bare” the next would say “Bear.” Sigh. According to the internet, the tie breaking vote is for “Bear.” Bear meaning “something you have to struggle with” (or a large forest-dwelling creature that is nothing but fur and teeth and will most likely devour you and your picnic basket) and Bare implying “undressing and revealing,” which is a subject for other blogs out there. So, “Bear” it is. And that’s fine with me, if for nothing else because it lets me put post this picture:

We hope to see you around.