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A little known author by the name of James Patterson…

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I went to the movies the other day and one of the many (sigh) commercials that they played before the main feature was a new one featuring author James Patterson hyping the new Kindles. It was kind of funny to me, partly because I don’t really care for the works of Patterson (though our patrons sure do), but then I figured, Hey, it makes sense. The Kindle is probably a major contributor to his massive sales figures, right?

Just out of curiosity, readers and James Patterson fans, What do you think about the new Alex Cross: Tyler Perry?

I know we don’t have any pictures or a trailer yet, just Perry’s previous work, but it’s certainly an interesting choice, right? I like Morgan Freeman in just about anything, so to me he is Alex Cross, even though the role’s a bit of a cipher to me, especially having not read the books, but I preferred the idea of Idris Elba getting the role, who was originally cast in the Rob Cohen-directed version of I, Alex Cross, which is coming out next year sometime. Elba had to drop out of role due to scheduling concerns and Perry was cast. Nice to see Perry showing that he can do more than just the Madea role, and it seems like Patterson has given the actor’s performance his approval. Should be interesting, right?

Anyway, the day after I saw that James Patterson commercial at the movies I went to work and went to empty the library’s book drop as usual…

…only to discover five returned James Patterson books. Patterson checks out quite a bit at our library, but it was funny to see so many of his books return at once. I guess I just had enough free time to ponder whether they were returned by a happy reader or an unhappy one. Either way, if you’re a James Patterson fan, we’ve got a few more of his books on our shelves for you to come check out.