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New and Featured Books for 06/07/2012:

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Come and check out these and some of the other new books and materials (or at least new to us) added to our library collection…


Kingdom Of Strangers by Zoe Ferraris

Amped by Daniel H. Wilson

Dead Men by Richard Pierce

Mortal by Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee

11th Hour by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

Home by Toni Morrison

In One Person by John Irving

Goliath by Tom Gauld

Mark Twain’s Autobiography, 1910 – 2010 by Michael Kupperman

Two of the most interesting and funny graphic novels from the past year, one a retelling of the classic story of David and Goliath, and the other detailing the continuing and fantastical adventures of one of our country’s great literary minds.

XO by Jeffrey Deaver

A Conspiracy Of Friends by Alexander McCall Smith

Niceville by Carsten Stroud


The Cost Of Hope: The Story Of A Marriage, A Family, And The Quest For Life by Amanda Bennett

The Avengers: The Ultimate Guide To Earth’s Mightiest Heroes by Scott Beatty

American Grown: The Story Of The White House Kitchen Garden And Gardens Across America by Michelle Obama

A Good Man: Rediscovering My Father, Sargent Shriver by Mark K. Shriver

The Banana Wars: A History Of United States Military Intervention In Latin America From The Spanish American War To The Invasion Of Panama by Ivan Musicant

Dark Pools: High-Speed Traders, A.I. Bandits, And The Threat To The Global Financial System by Scott Patterson

Failures Of The Presidents: From The Whiskey Rebellion And War Of 1812 To The Bay Of Pigs And War In Iraq by Thomas J. Craughwell

The Fish That Ate The Whale: The Life And Times Of America’s Banana King by Rich Cohen

Autopsy Of War: A Personal History by John A. Parrish

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Please note that books mentioned here could be checked out between the time they end up on the blog and when you come to check them out. If you don’t see the items you’re looking for then please come up to the front desk, OR call us, OR send us an email at and  we’ll put your name on the reserve list for when the item returns.

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Reading material for 04/30/12.

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Some reading material from around the internet:

Grant Snider’s The Book Of The Future.

Get ready for the future of Firefox.

Portland tries to ban Groupon.

The dark side of Facebook memes.

The picture above is by Beverly Ealdama, from here.

104 year old woman sets world record as the oldest person to go paragliding (for the second time in five years).

Wal-Mart would like you to pay with cash.

All about CISPA, the bill that wants to erode your online privacy.

How are women’s eyes different from men’s?

from here.

The Choose Your Own Adventure books are now out in digital form.

Ben Marcus, author of The Flame Alphabet, talks about his novel.

The 10 grumpiest living writers.

The New Yorker has figured out what went wrong with the Pulitzers this year.

The Land Of Nod,” an illustrated poem by Robert Louis Stevenson.

John Irving’s advice to aspiring novelists.

The most cryptic titles in literature and what they mean.

Would you read a novel written by the internet?

Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book will become a Disney movie.

The director of Chronicle is going to reboot The Fantastic Four.

Fringe has been renewed for a fifth and final mini season.

Fake Tupac is selling a lot of real records.

The Avengers comes out this Friday in America, but has already made almost $200 million overseas.

Tony Danza and Vince Vaughn are going to make a sitcom together.

The SyFy channel is planning to adapt Stephen King’s The Eyes Of The Dragon.

Movie theater owners still do not want you texting during movies, please.

They’ve already hired writers for the sequel to the new Spider-Man movie.

from here.

The lost civilizations that pioneered skull surgery.

4 people with super memory.

The question of why Rome failed.

How much of the moon’s surface did the Apollo 11 astronauts actually explore?

A brief history of international signage.

The more you struggle with new information the more likely you are to learn it.

Ponder existential depths as you answer the call of nature in this vertigo-inducing floor-less bathroom.

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