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New and Featured Books for Kids/Juvenile Readers for 12/22/2012:

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Come and check out these and some of the other new books and materials (or at least new to us) for younger and juvenile readers added to our library collection…


A Kiss Means I Love You by Kathryn Madeline Allen, with photographs by Eric Futran


It’s All About Me-Ow: A Young Cat’s Guide To The Good Life by Hudson Talbott

Foxy by Emma Dodd

The Christmas Quiet Book by Deborah Underwood and illustrated by Renata Liwska

The season is upon us.

My First Kwanzaa Book by Deborah M. Newton Chocolate and illustrated by Cal Massey

The Christmas Pups by Teresa Bateman and illustrated by John Kanzler

Beni’s First Chanukah by Jane Breskin Zalben

Papa is coming home.

A New Year’s Reunion by Yu Li-Qiong and illustrated by Zhu Cheng-Liang

Dog Loves Drawing by Louise Yates

Over The River And Through The Wood: A New England Boy’s Song About Thanksgiving Day by L. Maria Child and illustrated by Matt Tavares

Happy old fashioned Holidays!

The Berenstain Bears’ Old-Fashioned Chrstimas by Jan & Mike Berenstain

The Story Of Hanukkah by David A. Adler and illustrated by Jill Weber


Racing The Moon by Alan Armstrong and illustrated by Tim Jessell

Its about time somebody saved the universe!

Hunter Moran Saves The Universe by Patricia Reilly Giff

I Funny: A Middle School Story by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein and illustrated by Laura Park

On The Run by Clara Bourreau

Cam Jansen solves mysteries.

Cam Jansen And The Millionaire Mystery by David A. Adler and illustrated by Joy Allen

Young Cam Jansen And The Magic Bird Mystery by David A. Adler and illustrated by Susanna Natti


Eight Days Gone by Linda McReynolds and illustrated by Ryan O’Rourke

Eating Well by Robyn Hardyman

Native North Americans: Dress, Eat, Write, And Play Just Like The Native North Americans by Joe Fullman

Math Monsters!

Perimeter, Area, And Volume: A Monster Book Of Dimensions by David A. Adler and illustrated by Edward Miller

Butterfly, Flea, Beetle, And Bee: What Is An Insect? by Brian P. Cleary and illustrated by Martin Goneau

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Please note that books mentioned here could be checked out between the time they end up on the blog and when you come to check them out. If you don’t see the items you’re looking for then please come up to the front desk, OR call us, OR send us an email at and  we’ll put your name on the reserve list for when the item returns.

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Reading material for 03/12/12:

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Some reading material from around the internet:

Apparently tweets can now be cited as evidence in academic papers.

The massive launch of Mass Effect 3.

RIP Jean Giraud, AKA Moebius.

Wal-Mart debuts their “Great For You” seal.

The “QWERTY Effect” is changing what words mean to us.

How do you ship a horse to the London Olympics?

The picture above is by Jan van der Veken, from here.

NASA would like you to know that the world will not end in 2012.

The youngest female self-made billionaire.

Car breaks down before Consumer Reports can even test it.

A 340 ton boulder turned work of art.

Inside some of the world’s tallest buildings.

Here’s a fascinating radio documentary: “Nuclear Power After Fukushima.”

Penguins fly first class on airplanes.

They’re going to make a movie out of the theft of Nic Cage’s prized Action Comics No.1!

by Yale Stewart, from here.

The 10,000 year plan for Amazon.

Get ready to share even more on Facebook.

Apple has announced the new iPad.

Speaking of which, are Apple’s insanely high profit margins built to last?

The Navy will be testing a new firefighting robot in 2013.

RFID your stuff, then find it with your mobile phone.

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes buys The New Republic.

Why are companies ditching Google maps?

10 of the most powerful female characters in literature.

The review of 1984 that Aldous Huxley sent to George Orwell.

The paranoia of Philip K. Dick.

Audiobooks and the celebrities who were born to read them.

There’s still quite a gender bias in book journalism.

10 essential history books written by women.

The only Game Of Thrones/Song Of Ice And Fire map you’ll ever need.

A few things that Jonathan Franzen actually likes.

The trailer for the return of Community.

Also, check out this mash up Community/The Dark Knight Rises trailer.

And speaking of The Dark Knight Rises: Action figures!

Jennifer Lawrence almost said no to The Hunger Games.

A complete guide to 2012’s TV pilots.

Apparently there’s an R-rated version of Galaxy Quest out there somewhere.

A picture of Peter Dinklage as Wolverine.

A chart that helps explain just how much of “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away” does Star Wars take place.

Speaking of Star Wars: Topher Grace has edited all the prequels into one concise 85 minute long film that is supposedly fairly good.

Your first look at Johnny Depp as Tonto in Gore Verbinksi’s The Lone Ranger adaptation.

by Scott Ferguson, from here.

The many dimensions of Catherine the Great.

Kids found living in abandoned bus.

Fiona Apple reveals her new album title, and it’s 23 words long (as opposed to 90 words).

Disturbing school lunch menus.

What visions of the future do high speed rail lines provide us?

Is this the nicest Taco Bell on the planet?

A 7 year old makes an awesome Rube Goldberg machine.

This will be an interesting week, since it contains both Pi Day and the Ides of March. Beware!

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