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Reading material for 07/09/12:

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Some reading material from around the internet:

RIP Andy Griffith.

RIP Ernest Borgnine.

Did your internet black out today?

The God Particle has been discovered!

Remember the time that an astronaut on a space shuttle called in to Car Talk?

The picture above by artist Thomas Allen, from here.

Wall Street has an on again/off again love affair with Netflix.

Look at this ad for banana cream pie.

from here.

Batman’s secret identity is… Bruno Diaz!

There’s going to be a new edition of Hemingway’s A Farewell To Arms containing 40 alternate endings.

Vintage photos of kids reading.

A love of semicolons.

The Library Of Congress’ arguable roster of books that shaped America.

Star Trek characters in search of an author.

The New York Times killed his novel.

A 9/11 book series for kids.

Famous roles turned down by famous stars.

Katie Holmes’ next movie is about being a single mom.

Entertainment Weekly‘s “best films you’ve never seen.”

Naughty things are afoot in Olympic Village.

The Amazing Spider-Man leapt and swung to the top of the Box Office this past weekend.

10 essential spaghetti westerns.

Clark Duke will be one of the many new faces on The Office.

Tracy Morgan reads Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree, from here.

Boy genius concentrating on particle physics.

Chuck E. Cheese is desperate to be more hip and modern.

You can’t really trust Yelp reviews.

A review of Google’s Nexus 7 tablet.

The physics of toilets.

The 20 most beautiful museums in the world.

The 20 most beautiful public libraries in the world.

The supermoon seen around the world.

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New and Featured Books for Kids/Juvenile Readers for 04/17/2012:

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Come and check out these and some of the other new books and materials (or at least new to us) for younger and juvenile readers added to our library collection…


What Are Little Boys Made Of? by Robert Neubecker

Blackout by John Rocco

A beautifully illustrated picture book about what to do when the lights go out in the big city. Check out this nice review by Rick Moody in The New York Times, and a message from the author and a book trailer on his website.

The Little Brute Family by Russell Hoban and illustrated by Lillian Hoban

The Garden Of Abdul Gasazi by Chris Van Allsburg

Oh, Little Jack by Inga Moore

Titus’ Troublesome Tooth by Linda Jennings and Gwyneth Williamson

Ned And The General: A Less About Deployment by Ron Madison

A Good Night For Freedom by Barbara Olenyik Morrow and illustrated by Leonard Jenkins

Here In Space by David Milgrim

The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse by Eric Carle

Camping Day by Patricia Lakin and illustrated by Scott Nash


Castle Of Shadows by Ellen Renner

Ellray Jakes Walks The Plank! by Sally Warner and illustrated by Jamie Harper

The Cheshire Cheese Cat: A Dickens Of A Tale by Carmen Agra Deedy and Randall Wright, with illustrations by Barry Moser

Dragonbreath: Revenge Of The Horned Bunnies by Ursula Vernon

How Not To Run For President by Catherine Clark

How To Beat The Bully Without Really Trying by Scott Starkey

Ninth Ward by Jewell Parker Rhodes


Every Second Something Happens: Poems For The Mind And Senses, selected by Christine San José and Bill Johnson, and illustrated by Melanie Hall

Jack And The Box by Art Spiegelman

Edgar Allan Poe’s Pie: Math Puzzlers In Classic Poems by J. Patrick Lewis and illustrated by Michael Slack

The Arrow Finds Its Mark: A Book Of Found Poems, edited by Georgia Heard and illustrated by Antoine Guilloppé

Parkour by Dan Edwardes

Brothers At Bat: The True Story Of An Amazing All-Brother Baseball Team by Audrey Vernick and illustrated by Steven Salerno

Faith: Five Religions And What They Share by Richard Steckel and Michele Steckel

Around The World On Eighty Legs by Amy Gibson and illustrated by Daniel Salmieri

The Fastest Game On Two Feet And Other Poems About How Sports Began by Alice Low and illustrated by John O’Brien

Emma Dilemma: Big Sister Poems by Kristine O’Connell George and illustrated by Nancy Carpenter

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Please note that books mentioned here could be checked out between the time they end up on the blog and when you come to check them out. If you don’t see the items you’re looking for then please come up to the front desk, OR call us, OR send us an email at and  we’ll put your name on the reserve list for when the item returns.

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